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From Gallienne Nabila

About Gallienne’s Girls

I’m working towards the overall betterment of women and the decisions they make for the success of their future and career.

Gallienne Nabila

I feel the need to educate women on how their early decision making can have a major impact on their career and future opportunities. Young women do not always have the proper role model or mentor to help guide their life decisions therefore, they sometimes settle for finding guidance and comfort in social media. It isn’t easy being a woman in today’s society. There’s so much pressure to be ‘perfect’.

Social media has become a blessing and a curse to our generation. It’s put many of us in a position to elevate and create generational wealth, while on the flip side has caused an extreme decline in self esteem and confidence. It takes a mentally strong individual to deal with the overwhelming stress and pressure to succeed in today’s society and the rise of social media.
We as women have worked so hard to be able to maintain an occupation, break through the glass ceiling, and receive equal pay to the opposite gender. We are currently still struggling to surpass all these obstacles. I don’t want this new and improved generation of women to make it so far to then start tracking backwards. Before we know it, we will end up in the same place we started. If you don’t have a strong support system, it is easy to get lost in a generation that’s dominated by competition and status. We need to be a resonating voice with the younger generation to encourage healthy decision making and knowledge of the true definition of women empowerment.

Social media has given us the opportunity to make money at the power of our fingertips. This has its pros and cons being that we can make money from the comfort of our home which can then lead to slothful habits. For many of us, it took us some time to get to this point of canceling the typical ‘9-5’ and working when we please. This has caused a trend that has trickled down to the younger generation emphasizing the idea of not wanting to work a ‘9-5’ occupation. This can be a beautiful thing as it encourages the younger generation to take control over their career and truly be their own boss. This can take time. If we don’t teach our youth about patience and growth then they will fail to think they are ever ‘good enough’. This is one of the cons of social media as it makes success appear as if it’s happened overnight, which is rarely the case with anyone. We need to teach our youth not to rush. There’s beauty in the process.

My Philosophy

Harnessing Your Potential

The goal is to create leaders that inspire, influence and change the world in a positive way. I want to encourage diversity in all occupational fields. Part of healthy decision making comes with surrounding yourself with a strong, supportive community. Women should be surrounded by those of different ethnic backgrounds to encourage strength and unity. We are always better together. The goal is to elevate women’s mindsets and work ethic to be able to only progress and excel. I want to help women understand their value and encourage them to develop high standards and morals for themselves. I want women to want more for themselves and to live an abundant life. The future for women is extremely promising and I only want to help be a part of the process. I want to uplift myself and those around me to unite women on a whole caliber. The only option is to elevate.

founder of Gallienne's Girls

About Gallienne

My name is Gallienne Nabila and I’m the creator and founder of Gallienne’s Girls. Throughout my adolescent years, I’ve constantly had the desire to consistently elevate in every aspect of my life and witnessed my parents go to the ends of the earth for my brothers and I. Their drive and determination fired a passion in me to work endlessly to not only give back to my parents, but to make sure I can create generational wealth in my family.

At a young age, I was able to participate in: pageants, public speaking, dance, community service work, singing, and many other character building activities. My active involvement helped me step out of my comfort zone and give me the opportunity to discover who Gallienne was. I was so fortunate and still am to have the support system that has molded me into the career focused, passionate, business oriented individual I am today and would love to give young women an equal opportunity to help discover their true identity through Gallienne’s Girls.

I created Gallienne’s Girls to address and encounter the doubts, the insecurities, and the fears of not knowing what’s next that we as women unknowingly face. I want this organization to be a helping hand in your process of elevation and self empowerment. We want to create powerful leaders who unite with their feminine counterparts to create a thriving generation of women and who see the glass ceiling and unequal treatment as merely a miniature obstacle on the road.

I am forever grateful to have such a solid support system that helped pave my path to countless opportunities and a healthy continuous mindset. Gallienne’s Girls is committed to empowering women and giving women an equal chance to find their true calling. Our goal is to create a healthy and safe space that introduces life changing experiences, unlocking potential, and curating leaders of tomorrow. The sky’s the limit.

“Working with Gallienne’s Girls has given me an opportunity to expand my network”

Yazmin Alvarez

“Fundraising isn’t only money. You are creating avenues to get to money. We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”

Dr. Loretta Scott

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pike

Our Pillars


We are committed to empowering young minds through education. We strive to provide underprivileged girls with access to quality learning opportunities, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty and reach their full potential. Through our educational initiatives, we aim to create a brighter and more equitable future for all.


We believe in the power of inspiration to drive positive change. Through mentorship programs, leadership workshops, and uplifting initiatives, we strive to ignite a spark in young girls, encouraging them to dream big and pursue their passions fearlessly. Together, we aim to build a supportive community that empowers girls to become confident, compassionate, and influential leaders of tomorrow.


Gallienne’s Girls is dedicated to empowering girls from all walks of life. Through skill-building workshops, access to resources, and fostering a nurturing environment, we aim to equip these young women with the tools and confidence to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Together, we strive to create a world where every girl can unleash her full potential and lead with strength and resilience.


We at Galliennes Girls strive to create a community of intelligent, bright young women that are geared towards making history and changing future generations. Self-love in women is not just about accepting oneself, but embracing the unique qualities that make them who they are. Moreover, self-love promotes unity among women, as it encourages support and upliftment. When women choose to love and accept themselves, they create a powerful bond that fosters a sense of togetherness. They become each other’s cheerleaders, advocates, and allies. This unity among women creates a safe space where they can freely express their thoughts, dreams, and passions—a sisterhood rooted in self-love and empowerment. It is through self-love and unity that women can overcome obstacles, break down barriers, and make a lasting impact on the world.


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